Comuna Fantanele judet Suceava




The wooden church,Banesti, village Fantanele, city Suceava

The wooden church St. Nicholas from banesti village(Suceava) is an orthodox church,, first mentioned in 1705. it posseses a special importance becase the grandmother of Mihai Eminescu, Paraschiva Iurascu, is buried, in it’s cemetery

Banesti village, part of Fantanele village, is situated at 8 km away from the next town, Veresti. The village preserves tradition and belief. The way that communicates with veresti splits the village into two. Roads now are modernized thanks to the sapard project. All over the village, the time has made his job, but not far from the village, the time had stopped, and reveals us “the wooden church”.


 Built in the second reign of ion Antioh Cantemir , leader of M oldova form 1705 since 1707, the church was settled in an oak forest , that now doesn’t exist anymore. The man, who made the church official, was a little merchant, from the neighbor village.

The church is not impressive in size, but in the renascetist architecture. Nevertheless, it is said that the church is much older than that. The priest Nicanor Lungu sais that in some documents the church is mentioned from 1668.
The building of the church was made all through help of locals. It is not impressive from the outside, but the interior is wonderful, the old floor, and the altar sculpted in wood. There is not any paint on the wall, but they are all decorated with columns and other sculptures made in 1826 –1830 by Enache Ponici.  In Banesti village, there are two churches, the wooden church and a newer one, in the northwestern side of the village.

 The grandmother of Mihai Eminescu

 What is one of the most interesting things in this church, is that in it’s cemetery is buried the grandmother of mihai eminescu. That is why  everything that has to do  with the wooden church is also a cultural interest: his life, his relatives, and every event that has something to do with the poet’s life.

 His grandmother had nine children, one of them being Raluca, Mihai Eminescu’s mother.
Paraschiva Iurascu was born in 1785, and died at age 51. an accident caused her burial at the wooden church.
It is said that there are some inscription about her written by her husband.
The church is opened to public all the time, especially on 6 December because in that day the Christian celebrate st. Nicholas day.
The wooden church is not very familiar to everyone, but it’s cultural value its huge.
Although time has put his print on it, the local  budget can not cover all the repairs.

 Article translated by Catalina Chitic high school Stefan cel Mare.